A Passel of Hate

An epic thriller about the Battle of Kings Mountain...


“The first link in a chain of evils... the loss of America” is how Sir Henry Clinton, Britain’s commander-in-chief in the Colonies, described the battle of Kings Mountain.  Joe Epley’s fact-based novel brings the events leading to the battle into sharp focus through the highly personal experiences of those who shaped its outcome.  


Gripping, visceral, and full of intensity, A Passel of Hate is as historically fascinating as it is emotionally satisfying, capturing the heartache of a war that often pits brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. This saga of the Kings Mountain campaign in 1780 is a powder keg of highly charged personal feelings and military significance.


Through the eyes of Jacob Godley, A Passel of Hate brings to life the hardships and challenges of frontier living where there is a constant threat from Indians, partisan raiders and British invaders. Without government orders or formal training, mountain and piedmont patriots join together with their own weapons and horses to expel a Loyalist army plundering the western Carolina countryside and delivering harsh retribution to those supporting the rebellion. 

A Passel of Hate received a Silver Medal from the Military Writers Society in 2012 and was named "Editor's Choice" by the Historical Fiction Society.