A Passel of Trouble


“His crimes and butcheries were beyond forgiveness.”


The most vicious fighting of the American Revolution occurred as Tories and Whigs clashed for seven years in a bitter struggle for control of the Carolinas. No home was secure, no family safe. A notorious and intriguing leader emerged for Loyalists -- a daring warrior named David Fanning.


In this dark side of the war often ignored by historians, two young men, Fanning and his Quaker friend, Josh, find themselves deep in the conflict, mired at philosophical odds, yet allies in purpose. 


A Passel of Trouble is a fact-based novel that follows David from his role as a naive teenage sergeant in South Carolina's backcountry royal militia at the start of the war to becoming a feared commander of Loyalist partisans in North Carolina. Captured fourteen times, he uses audacious ingenuity in his escapes to continue resisting the rebellion and antagonizing his enemies.

When Josh's uncle is killed in a senseless act of mayhem by drunken Whigs, Josh abandons his religion and joins with David.


With gripping and vivid accounts, readers travel with David and Josh as their differences become more and more pronounced. David's aggressiveness, vindictiveness, and brutal actions increase in intensity as Josh’s faith is tested.


 Americans see the Revolutionary War as a triumph, but the stories of these two young men show the devastating cost to both sides of the conflict.