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  • Christine Champness (Monday, October 16 17 02:48 pm EDT)

    Can't make the upcoming symposium. Would like to talk with you regarding your knowledge on John Norwood and Alexander McIntosh of South Carolina.
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  • Joe Jackan (Thursday, May 04 17 01:51 pm EDT)

    I attended your presentation at the Polk County Historical Society. I am currently reading “A Passel of Trouble” and enjoying it. I have a question you might be able to help me with. About 60 years ago I read a book about the Revolution. It took place in the Carolinas. The main character in the book was a Tory Scotsman named Duncan. A Whig named Steve opposed him. Banastre Tarleton was also featured in the book. Another character I remember was Angus McCooish. I have searched for this book but cannot identify it. If you can be any help I wound appreciate it.
    Thank you, Joe Jackan

  • Gerald Stokes (Wednesday, May 03 17 01:02 pm EDT)

    I am glad to see someone else is giving the Loyalist side of the story. I wrote A Lesser Form of Patriotism and some of the readers had told me they liked the characters, and wanted to like them, but felt guilty because they were on "the wrong side." I look forward to reading your novel.

  • Ruth Peele (Wednesday, April 19 17 01:03 pm EDT)

    Will the books be for sale at the book signing 4/21 at the Pinehurst Brewery?
    Thank you.

  • Gerard Corbett (Wednesday, January 04 17 05:30 pm EST)

    Joe Epley's "Passel" series is more than "action packed." Each is history brought to life and enlivened for those with a fascination for early America and its formative times.

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