Action packed books from Joe Epley

Joe Epley has a special knack for writing believable, entertaining, and exciting stories about true life adventures in the American Revolutionary War.



Epley's latest novel, A Passel of Trouble, is a saga of one of the most skillful Loyalist guerrilla fighters in the war. David Fanning made his mark in both Carolinas, first escaping the enemy's clutches fourteen times in South Carolina and then as partisan colonel fighting for the British as he created fear and havoc in central and eastern North Carolina.


Epley's award-winning first historical novel, A Passel of Hate, is a riveting yarn about the brutal struggle of for this nation’s independence. Brothers fight brothers, neighbors fight neighbors in the Carolina backcountry during the weeks following the destruction of the Continental Army in South Carolina.  It is a time where passion for vengeance is often greater than the passion for liberty.


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